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ASAAR was created to improve patient care by helping health care providers work together more effectively. Your doctor thinks you might benefit from the care coordination and services offered by this Initiative.


Your doctor is voluntarily taking part in this new initiative by joining ASAAR because we believe it will help us provide improved coordination of medical care for our patients. You may still go to any doctor, hospital, or other healthcare provider that accepts Medicare. However, because your doctor is now a part of ASAAR, some special features and benefits may be available to you at no extra cost.


In partnership with your doctor ASAAR will work as your patient advocate by using an integrated “concierge” approach by removing potential barriers for better access to care. This means that you will have access to additional, special services such as a patient advocate who will contact and work on your behalf to help you make appointments & coordinate transportation if needed. Our goal is simple - to deliver care and access by the right provider while empowering you to be actively involved in your healthcare decisions.

Asaar patients

There is no comparison when you join a primary medical clinic managed by ASAAR Medical. As a valued patient you will experience the following benefits and so much more

Seamless Healthcare Coordination

Get seamless coordination of all your healthcare needs. All referrals, appointments, testing, and treatments can be entirely coordinated by your primary physician’s office, so you stay in control of your own care.

Seamless Healthcare Coordination
Modern Healthcare Access

Modern Healthcare Access

With Asaar, you can access your provider with telehealth doctor visits. Chat with your physician over your computer or smartphone. You’ll also have access to house calls with our specialized mobile physicians and providers.

No Hassle Referral Program

See the specialist your Primary Care provider recommends without having to worry if they're in network. Enjoy no hassle referrals, specialist appointments, and testing.

No Hassle Referral Program

Contact your Primary Physician to join Asaar Medical

Asaar Medical is a physician-led network of healthcare providers dedicated to modernizing the way we care for patients.

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When Physicians are In Control, Everyone Benefits

When your provider is part of Asaar Medical, your healthcare is our primary concern. You'll be part of a network committed to transparency, quality care, and shared expertise.

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