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Dr. Jodgin, MD,
San Antonio
“Our goal is to leverage today’s technology to deliver value and exceptional benefits to our patients.”

Helping You Put Patient Care Front and Center

We believe that the best way to keep patients healthy is by keeping providers independent and in control of care.

Asaar Medical helps simplify the way we care for patients in today’s Value based care market. We are a network of practicing physicians who understand the responsibility of care, and our network is designed to help you get back to putting patients first. When you join the Asaar network, the shared benefits go well beyond just an increase in profit. You join a network committed to transparency, quality care, and shared expertise.

Patient Care Front and Center

Transforming Health Care Practices for the Better

When You Join Asaar Medical, our network will begin to help transform your practice to ensure that you're getting the most of your shared savings from Value Based care. We’ve even got a Practice Transformation Bonus to help you get up and running.



Our team works diligently to ensure that you're getting the most of your Medicare shared savings. We’ve streamlined the bureaucracy, cutting out the bloated salaries and luxury expense accounts passing the savings on to you.



It doesn’t matter how Asaar sees you, it’s how Medicare sees you. Our technology team are experts in making sure that all of your coding is thorough and complete, taking the bulk of the burden off you and your staff.



We speak the language you speak, and know firsthand the challenges you face. We tailor our support to your needs, and our streamlined organization of working physicians serves as a mastermind to every one of our partners.

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Getting the Most from Value-Based Care


As one of the few DCE’s allowed to transition directly to ACO REACH, we’ve seen both the strengths and weaknesses health care providers face as the industry shifts. The Asaar Medical ACO REACH program is designed to help providers and their staff optimize the time and energy spent on FFS programs, with the goal of helping you increase your shared savings. As we focus on your program requirements, your practice can dedicate its time to keeping your Medicare patients healthy.

Asaar ACO REACH group

ACO Reach Benefits

For Providers

Customized to You and Your Practice

The size of our organization allows us to focus on the needs of our partners in a way that our larger competitors simply can’t. Our streamlined approach to ACO REACH gives us the flexibility of bringing in the right partners and creating tailored programs that meet the needs of every practice we work with. We’re there when you need us, and constantly working to benefit our entire network.

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Trust in Transparency and Accountability

Trust in Transparency and Accountability

With Asaar Medical, you won’t find over bloated corporate salaries and expense accounts full of lavish travel budgets. We take great pride in being working physicians, and we believe that when we pass the bulk of the shared savings on to our network, patients are healthier and better taken care of. You’ll have access to our accounting any time you need it, so you’ll see the numbers we see at all times.

Future Proofing Your Growth

When you Join Asaar Medical, our team gets to work in shoring up your coding processes and supporting your staff for more than just next year’s medicare reporting. Medicare allows for a 365 day “look back” and adding of addendums so that your reporting is getting you everything you deserve for Value-Based Care programs. We make sure that you’re in the best position year after year to take full advantage of Medicare growth caps.

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For Patients

What our partners are saying

"In my time with Asaar, they have been more open and prompt with communication and transparency than I've had in years with other organizations! I feel like I'm actually part of the Asaar movement, not just another account that someone has to manage. The questions I have are answered, and the challenges I face are looked at personally!"
Dr. Naveen Kumar

Shared Savings are Waiting for You

Don’t let the industry shift before it’s too late. Our network is ready to welcome you and ensure that you’re not only prepared, you’re ahead of the curve.

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When Physicians are In Control, Everyone Benefits

When you join Asaar Medical, the shared benefits go well beyond just an increase in profit. When you get started, you join a network committed to transparency, quality care, and shared expertise.

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