Asaar Medical and Spire Health Collaborate to Improve the Lives and Management of Copd Patients with Digital Health Solution


Asaar Medical and Spire Health Collaborate to Improve the Lives and Management of Copd Patients with Digital Health Solution

Validated Virtual Care Solution Proves Digital Health is Impactful to Patients; Improves the Efficiency of Care for Providers

OCTOBER 19, 2023 – Boca Raton, Fla. and San Francisco, Calif. – Asaar Medical, a leading accountable care organization (ACO) and Spire Health, a leader in continuous respiratory monitoring for chronic disease patients, are pleased to announce a successful partnership in which Asaar practices are using Spire’s digital health solution to manage at-risk COPD patients as a way to best understand their ongoing wellness. Supporting Asaar’s accomplished physicians, the Spire platform detects and manages a clinical episode, reducing the likelihood of hospitalization. Accepting the importance of being ‘accountable’, Asaar strives to support the best possible clinical outcome.

Together, Asaar and Spire support 13 practices across seven states, which has led to nearly 30 COPD patients being managed by the Company’s virtual care solution. With a focus on supporting great local clinical care through innovation, Asaar’s ultimate goal of ensuring the best care at the most advantageous time not only puts proactive patient care forward but also reduces the financial burden of care. The Asaar model, which utilizes the Spire platform, proves that keeping patients out of the hospital and supporting each patient with in-person practice or urgent care is a clinical and financial win for all parties involved with managing COPD.

“Asaar Medical’s partnership with Spire Health is a significant step toward a more advanced and patient-centric healthcare approach. Spire Health’s state-of-the-art remote patient monitoring technology for chronic respiratory diseases aligns perfectly with our mission to provide the highest quality care,” shared Dr. Anjar Patel, CEO at Asaar Medical. “This innovative collaboration will empower us to proactively manage patient health, driving better outcomes and early risk identification within our patient community. Together, we are charting a course for a healthier and more promising future for all.”

“To date, we are thrilled with the feedback from the Asaar practices who have enrolled their most challenging COPD patients in our solution to ensure a true proactive methodology that is intended to keep patients out of the hospital,” shared Aashish Mody, Chief Commercial Officer of Spire Health. “Since COPD affects more than 15 million Americans, we are excited to be involved with accountable care. This is a win for the patient first and foremost, but it also supports physicians in their ability to give the best possible care at the most critical time before hospitalizations become necessary.”

To learn more about Spire’s revolutionary respiratory sensing technology, which is paired with licensed medical staff to identify changes in patient health and intervene, visit spirehealth.com. For more information on Asaar’s ACO Reach Organization, visit asaarmedical.com.

About Asaar Medical
Asaar Medical, a Boca Raton FL-based ACO Reach Organization designed to help with all aspects of growing and guiding medical practices so that they can provide the care patients truly deserve. Asaar Medical tackles the growing demands of a value-based marketplace and transforms the delivery of healthcare. For more information, visit https://www.asaarmedical.com/ and connect with Asaar on LinkedIn.

About Spire Health
Spire Health is the leading provider of virtual care for chronic respiratory disease patients in the nation. Spire’s unique FDA cleared continuous virtual care system achieves extremely high levels of patient compliance which allows Spire’s clinical teams greater opportunity to detect deterioration in the patient’s condition and the ability to intervene in the patient’s care before an admission to the hospital or trip to the emergency room. Spire is committed to providing better outcomes and quality of life for chronic respiratory patients while reducing utilization and total cost of care. Spire Health partners with leading integrated health systems, physician practices and managed care organizations across the country to help them effectively manage their cardiorespiratory patients.


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